Blendamaze coming back to the App Store!

Blendamaze is coming back to the App Store, rebuilt from the ground up!  Blendamaze is a unique and colorful twist to the classic labyrinth board game.  The marble becomes your virtual paintbrush as you blend primary, secondary and tertiary colors in over 100 handcrafted levels.



This was actually my very first mobile game I created back in early 2012.   Over the past couple years it has been enjoyed by numerous adults and kids alike.  Art teachers have even used it on iPads in the classroom to teach elementary students color theory!

Check this out…

Starting off our #6thgrade color theory unit by playing #blendamaze on the #iPads! #arted #artteacher #artsedtech

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So… what’s new?

After downloads slowed down to nearly a halt in late 2013, I moved on to creating the har•mo•ny series and Alpha Omega.  As iOS 8 and the iPhone 6/6+ were released, bugs began to appear in the game and users were beginning to notice.  However, the game needed such a major overhaul that I put it off in hopes of completely rebuilding it – which I knew would take a long time.  Early this summer I finally removed the game from the App Store.

So a good chunk of 2015 has been dedicated to completely rebuilding Blendamaze to bring it back to the App Store…

In addition to iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+ support comes improved graphics, visual effects, new background music, improved physics and even timed Game Center leaderboards!  See that 5.19 second time for Primaries level 1?  Yep, that’s mine.  I look forward to seeing who can beat it first 🙂




Less is often so much more…

Probably the biggest change to the game has been a major removal of UI and game functionality.

The game relied upon a virtual in-game currency (stars) that you were awarded per level based on accuracy of your color matches.  You could also purchase additional star packs via in-app purchase.  These stars then would enable you to buy power-ups in your “Painters Toolbox” such as the “Invisiball” and Chameleon Ball which changed colors based on the paint target you were closest to.

Unfortunately, this whole system only served to complicate gameplay.  Looking at analytics, these items weren’t used much at all.  However, in an attempt to increase conversion rate on in-app purchases and the value of these items, I prevented forward progress in the game unless you had all gold/perfect matches on each level.  Some users were naturally frustrated about this and ultimately it only served to hinder gameplay than increase it.  Definitely not the outcome intended.  Lesson learned.

Ultimately all of these “extras” needed to go.  And now they are.  Blendamaze will be a 100% premium game with zero in-app purchases or ads.  Just addicting color-blending goodness!

Follow along at @blendamaze and for more and keep an eye out in the App Store in early September for Blendamaze!

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