Patterned + Apple Arcade

The time has come! Our newest game, Patterned is now available on Apple Arcade.

Patterned is a unique puzzle game that immerses you in the beauty and joy of seamless, repeating patterns. Each pattern begins as a sketch and you must use visual clues to reassemble its scrambled pieces. Piece by piece, each pattern begins to come alive in increasing amounts of color and structure. When the final piece is placed, the pattern fills the screen in full color.

And… on top of the 100+ patterns that will be live in the game at launch, there’s a beautifully-composed 24-track piano soundtrack in the game crafted by talented musician Chris Bartels of Anthem Falls Music/Elskavon.

To view the privacy policy for Patterned, click here.

Spring is here in Drop Flip Seasons!

Playgrounds, sports, flowers, butterflies, birds, bees and much more…  40 new Spring-theme levels have arrived in Drop Flip Seasons!

These challenging levels are addictive – and often a bit crazy!

And side note…  are you still working on Winter levels?  Once you reach the first Winter bonus level, all other Winter bonus levels will unlock!

Visit for more or get Drop Flip Seasons now in the App Store for free!

Minimize is here!

Immerse your eyes, ears and mind in our newest game, Minimize.

Minimize is a game of reduction where your objective is to change gravity and simplify each puzzle to where no blocks remain.


Featuring 100 colorful, handcrafted levels and a minimalist, isometric design.  Scroll down to get a glimpse at some of the earlier levels…

The screenshots above skip a number of levels, but as you can see, each progressive level is built upon its predecessor…

As you move ahead through the game the steady increase in difficulty is almost non-noticable unto the point where you’re wondering how it got so challenging!

However, amidst this, a peaceful, captivating soundtrack composed by the talented Chris Bartels of Anthem Falls accompanies gameplay…

Minimize is available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV for only $2.99!  100% premium with no ads and zero in-app purchases.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!  Hope you enjoy Minimize 🙂

Foresee Goes Premium

Foresee gets a massive update today… and you can get Foresee for FREE!  Here’s a peek at what’s new…

Foresee Premium:

With Foresee, you can easily create an activity in any location and let the app help you plan your activity around the weather.  To fully take advantage of the power of Foresee, you can easily subscribe to Foresee Premium, an inexpensive monthly subscription that gives you access to unlimited locations, unlimited activities, numerous themes and more.  And it even comes with a 7-day free trial!

More Activity-Planning Intelligence:

You spoke, we listened!  Rather than merely presenting you with your forecast which still required that you pick a time, Foresee now intelligently analyzes your preferences and chooses the time for you.  If the weather isn’t ideal, Foresee will even recommend the closest ideal time or simply inform you that the weather doesn’t match up with what you prefer.


New Activities!

We’ve reordered the list of activities so popular ones are near the front of the line.  In addition, you’ll find new, seasonal icons for raking leaves, yard work and scenic drives.  Or, if you want to just stay warm inside with a good book or movie, there’s now activity icons for those too!

New Themes!

Beautiful new autumn and winter themes are now available for Premium subscribers.  Customize every location with one of 18 unique themes!


You can download Foresee here in the App Store for free.  We hope you enjoy the new features – thank you for your support!

Alpha Omega for Mac OS X!

I am super excited to announce that Alpha Omega is now available for Mac OS X!

Here’s a link for you to visit the Mac App Store to download it.  Or, you can simply open up the App Store and you’ll see it featured!!  🙂


And here’s a little hint for you…  In Alpha Omega for Mac OS X, everything’s unlocked.   All level packs – over 1000 levels.  Unlimited hints… All bridges…  All themes.  Everything!

Head over to the Mac App Store and download Alpha Omega today!  Or, you can visit to see a video trailer and get links to the iOS version.

Thank you for your support!  Hope you enjoy playing Alpha Omega on your Mac!

Word² Gets 7×7 Boards & iCloud Sync

Word² is a challenging game where you must unscramble each word not just once, but twice!  Massive update today available in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon!  Download it here!

New 7×7 levels!
If you thought 6×6 boards were hard, just wait until you try the 10 new 7×7 levels… These large word squares are extremely complex to create and are near-impossible to solve. Good luck 🙂

iCloud Sync!
Play on one device and continue on another. When enabled, all level progress will be synced between iOS devices signed in with the same Apple ID.

New Hint & Clue Packages!
Now you can stock up on hints or clues – or both! Rather than having an option to purchase only 10 at a time, now there are more options – including an Unlimited Hints & Clues Pass.

Game Center Achievements!
New achievements are available to challenge you as you progress through the game.

Also, fixed a couple semi-obscure words in earlier levels as well as routine maintenance and performance enhancements.

Enjoy 🙂

Blendamaze Announcement

Wooden labyrinth + paint palette = Blendamaze!

We are pleased to announce that next Thursday, September 3rdBlendamaze comes back to the App Store, rebuilt and better than ever!  Much went into this release – read more about the story leading up to this release, and follow @blendamaze on Twitter for more.