Play Chess in Messages with Checkmate!

We are super excited to announce our newest game, Checkmate!   With Checkmate, you can now play chess against family and friends right within Messages!

Beautiful, minimalistic design, intuitive gameplay and even unique sound effects per piece type all bring an exciting new level of immersion to this classic game.  You can play multiple matches with other people at the same time –  all synchronized via iCloud. Move indicators help beginner players understand where pieces can move to and which opponent pieces can be captured.  To make the game accessible worldwide, Checkmate is localized in 23 languages.

Without further ado, head over to the new App Store for iMessage and get Checkmate!

You can also visit for more info.  Stay tuned for a follow-up post talking more about the process of creating this fun game…

Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Play Chess in Messages with Checkmate!

  • Hello. I am looking for some new apps to provide our students with in our class. We ran across your new app for iMessage “Chess” and wanted to see if you have a token or redeem code so we can test the app and get it approved by our principle before making a purchase for 108copies.

    Also do you have any teacher discounts or if I buy 108 copies is their a discount. Thanks

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